Major Shell Centre and related projects with their own websites are shown below. In addition, a range of out-of-print publications including classic classroom materials (such as The Language of Functions and Graphs) and research papers are available for download from the Shell Centre Publications website.

Formative assessment lessons, summative assessment tasks & tests and professional development materials for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics can be browsed and downloaded from the Mathematics Assessment Project Website.

Bowland Maths is available free to schools in the UK and offers a wide range of materials by the Shell Centre and others, including extended classroom activities classroom activities, rich assessment tasks and professional development modules.

Improving Learning in Mathematics, orginally distributed to schools in England by the DfE Standards Unit, offers teachning materials and professional development for GCSE and A-Level Mathematics is available for download from the National STEM Centre eLibrary.

Our PD materials are also available in an internationaslised form from the PRIMAS EU project website.